Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I am so amazed at how many people skip it.  They think there is just not enough time for it.  I think they are wrong.  There are lots of different fast and easy things you can make for breakfast and still make it out of the door on time.

My family loves omelets.  We eat them at least once a week.  You can make them each to their liking.  That's the best part.  I make these up and stick them in the microwave to keep them warm.  I have our timing down so good I can pretty much tell you when each kid will arrive in the kitchen each morning and my hubby.  I seriously can have 6 omelets made and cleaned up in 30 minutes or less.  Give it a try.

  A hearty protein packed breakfast is just what you need to the start of a great day.

2 egg omelet with ham, cheese, and homemade canned salsa.

We live 20 minutes out of town, so I generally do not have fresh peppers and onions.
Salsa is perfect to add for that zing of flavor.

I generally serve this with toast and some fruit, milk or juice.
1-2 eggs and a tablespoon of water. Whip up and pour into a hot skillet. Add a slice of ham, sprinkle with grated cheese, add spoonfuls of salsa to desired amount. salt and pepper as desired.
Keeping it Simple