Thursday, March 28, 2013

Head Band Storage

I thought I would share how I deiced to store my daughters head bands.  Last fall I repainted and reorganized my daughters bathroom.  They have so many things that need to be stored in that bathroom cabinet, after all no matter how old or young a girl is we want to look our best.  They share the main bathroom  which happens to be the smallest in the house.  Everything in there was a huge mess and we could never find what we were looking for.  One day I was at my local craft store and I saw these containers.  They were on sale and I thought maybe that would work.  So I brought them home and perfect!  I loved them.  So did the girls.  We were all so excited about how lovely their headbands looked inside these glass jars.  It dressed up the bathroom counter too.  We haven't been missing a head band since.

Keeping it Simple

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