Monday, April 15, 2013

Master Closet Clean Out

How many times do you open a closet and think..."I really need to clean this out. It's such a mess. I can't find what I'm looking for and it doesn't smell fresh." This is how I have felt about our master bedroom closet. Now, I have to say that I am constantly straighting and cleaning up closets around here, but I have never totally taken everything out of this closet and really did a through deep clean.

What will we find behind those doors?...

I know! It's a little deceiving.  You thought I had just a standard closet didn't you? My closet measures 9 1/2ft wide and 4 ft deep with 9ft ceiling.  The way our home is laid out it had to be this way instead of a more standard walk in closet.  I have loved it .. But WOW! What a mess!

As you can see we have some clutter issues going on and we need to refold and re-color coordinate again.  My sweet husband loves it when I spend some time in our closet and reorganize his things...just as long as I don't throw anything away.  I need to ask first.  Which I'm ok with that.

The shoes have gotten out of control! It's obvious by the dust we haven't worn some of them in quite a while. And the bags...  I have been making a few purchases for summer and when I can't decide what I want to keep for sure this is what I do with them,  I store them on the closet floor.

My Hubby has a hard time sometimes keeping things folded... we may need to work on that, or on a solution for hiding that a little better.  

WOW!  I didn't realize just how much we had in this closet.  Do we really need all of this?  I really think that is the BIGGEST question you have to ask yourself when you are cleaning out a closet or a drawer.  Do we need it?  What purpose does it have?  Can I live with out it?  What do I really want this space to look like and how do I want it to function?  We have to let go in order to have what we really want. 

As my closet got more empty and my room more messy and filled with the things from my closet, I was astonished!  WOW!  Look at all of my space!  I really like it empty.  It feels clean and big and I love it that way.  Of course I have to put the stuff back.  But it's not all coming back...

I sorted and vaccumed and wiped everything wall and shelf down.  I deodorized the carpet with baking soda...OH, it smells clean and fresh.

I was AMAZED at what I found!  A lot of trash...things that aren't even worthy to go to good will.  I can't believe how dusty everything was...this has got to be part of the musty, dusty smell we both couldn't stand.

It looks great and feels great but I am on the hunt now for some baskets to hide some of my hubby's clothes that he can't seem to keep in this state of folded:)  A hat rack of some sort for his hats, they really need a home.  The bins you see at the top of my closet hold gifts for my children's up coming birthdays or christmas.  I would like to have that looking better as well.   

I can't believe how happy this makes me!  I love clean and organized spaces.  I'll let you know what solutions I come up with to solve my closet dilemmas.  Oh, and what to do about all that wasted space at the top of my closet.  9ft ceilings are tall.  I'm sure I can come up with something to better use that space.
If you have any suggestions or ideas for me. I would love to hear.  Leave a comment.

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