Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Great Summer Treat, (that won't heat up the house).

Wow!  I can not believe how busy this summer has been so far.  I have had zero time to devote to my blog.  Which makes me sad because I was having such a great time with it.  I know all of you are having the same fun I am with your families too.  Life is just busy.  Well here is a favorite treat we have at our house.  Rice Krispy Treats.  I love this because you can always have the ingriendents on hand.  It's fast, easy and cheap.  Seriously, from start to finish we are talking 15 minutes.  What mom doesn't like a 15 minute treat?  Plus, it won't heat up your house on these Hot summer days.

I think the biggest mistake people make with this treat is, not watching it close enough so the butter and marshmallows burn a little.  This totally messes with the taste of it.  Also putting too much crispes in the mix.  Always measure it out and then if you feel like you need a little more add just a little bit at a time.  We like them a little more gooey than crispy and hard.

I always put my Krispy treats in a cookie sheet.  My kids don't need a mile high crispie bar.  They divinely seem to last a little longer this way.  Just remember to cover them somehow.  I have a lid that fits my cookie sheet.

If you use your knuckles to press it out in the pan, it won't get stuck all over your hands.  The mixture is warm and it doesn't seem to burn using your knuckles.

Push it into the corners and try and make it even all over the pan.

I hope you enjoy this easy, fast treat that won't heat up your house on those hot summer days.

Rice Krispy Treat -- My Mom's version

1 cube butter or margarine--melt in a large roasting pan on medium heat.
1-10 1/2 ounce bag marshmallows--add to melted butter and stir CONSTANTLY till smooth.  Take off stove and add
6-10 cups or more rice krispys depending on how gooey or crunchy you want your bars to be.
Pour into a large greased cookie sheet.
Can add M&M's.  Press in pan with lightly buttered hands.
Cool and cut
(can use Cheerios instead of rice krispies.)


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