Monday, July 1, 2013

Have you got the Tools?

Having the right tools for the job is a Must!

I can't believe how much time and energy, stress, and sometimes money that it saves.  So why do we often try and get buy with what we have?  Cussing and screaming as we try and accomplish the job?  I know you just can't always go get all the equipment you want when you want, right?  Well, this summer  we have been hauling loads of dirt and bark, and I mean a lot of dirt and bark. 24 yards of bark so far with more to come.  I need a new wheelbarrow!  I need a new rake that the head doesn't fall off.  A new shovel that doesn't give me a splinter every time I use it even with gloves on....mmmmmm..maybe a new pair of gloves too!

This week I have been staining my deck.  Someone I don't know, who I think it was the paint guy...told me you should always use a sponge to stain with.  Ok, so I started this project with several sponge brushes.  They were  big ones, but it was all I had....took me FOREVER to stain the railing. 4 1/2 hours  and I still wasn't through.  My husband seemed frustrated with my choice in brush, but bit his lip...probably because I said that's what they said to do it with.  Well I was hot, tired and sore.  So the next day I went into town, back to the paint store, ready to buy a normal brush for the job.  I decided to ask a few more questions and the paint guy gave me a funny look. "Sponges?" He said.  "Let me go ask."  He came back with a kind smile and pointed out a stain brush and said, "that is the best thing to use."  No roller, no sponges.  Brush it on.  I stared at the brush..17 dollars...not a huge amount, but did it really make a difference?  I purchased the brush and brought it home.  After dinner last night I decided I would try it out and see.  I was tired, hot and exhausted so I told myself I would give it an hour.  How much more could I get done in 1 hour compared to the 4 1/2 I had spent the day before?  I had over half the deck to complete.  One hour later I was COMPLETELY finished but the stairs,  and I easily could of finished if I didn't run out if stain.  So yes!  Having the right tools saves so much time, energy and stress!  It may cost some extra...but what is your time worth to you and your stress level?  Sometimes I know we have to get by...and thats fine.  But certain jobs require certain tools....remember to budget for them also.  I'm going to town again tomorrow to buy another stain brush and more stain to do the play house.  We are going to breeze through this project!

Doesn't it look so nice freshly stained?  Don't make projects harder than they have to be.  It takes all the fun out!  It also makes you not want to start another project again.  Don't get sucked into that mind set either.  Pick a project make sure you have the right tools and have some fun accomplishing something that will make you smile every time you walk by it!

Keeping it Simple