Friday, May 24, 2013

Fried Potatoes Chicken and Peas

Every time I cook a whole chicken or a roast, I am always thinking ahead of what I can make with the left over meat.  I hate meat to go to waste.  I hate any food to go to waste really, I get frustrated if we do end up throwing something out.  That generally only happens if I don't plan ahead.  This meal, fried potatoes chicken and peas, is one of our most favorite meals.  Everyone loves it and never complains when it pops up for dinner.
I like to use whole chickens in a variety of different recipes, and when I do that I sometimes plan this meal with the left over chicken.  For example; on a Sunday I might cook a whole chicken with BBQ sauce, and have baked potatoes and some veggies with it.  So instead of just baking 6 potatoes for that Sunday meal I would bake 12.  Then I have my potatoes that have already been cooked (in foil), I would then save 1/2 the chicken, put them in the fridge.  Then later that week on a crazy day I would make this meal.  It is so fast and so easy!  I love the flavor the BBQ chicken gives it.  You can use what ever left over or canned chicken you have.
No matter what you make for dinner, if you can get in the habit of thinking ahead alittle and making a plan life goes smoother and your pennies will go farther.

Fried Potatoes Chicken and Peas
 Potatoes, diced,(as much as you desire)
Cooked chicken
 Frozen Peas
2-3 TBSP Butter
Salt and Pepper to taste

Fry on stove in a frying pan.  Enjoy!  

What's so great about this meal, is you can adjust then amount so easily for the number of people you are cooking for.

Keeping it Simple