Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's Under Your Bathroom Sink?

There a few areas in my home where I hate to look, one of them is under the bathroom sink.  Why is it always so disorganized?  It always seems to be in some kind of disarray.  What's hard it usually it is the are with the most space to put stuff in the bathroom.  Well, I have 5 bathroom sinks in my home.  Yes, I know that seems like a lot, somedays when I clean them it seems like a lot.  We have 4 full bathrooms.  I love having the space so I don't have to share with everybody.  Growing up we had 1 bathroom to the 8 of us.  I hated it so hence my 4 now.
Anywhoo....I was so inspired the other day when I was on one of my favorite blogs and they were sharing about the storage under the bathroom sink, that I decided to re-work my space. Here are my before and after pictures.

Main Bathroom
This is shared by 2 of my daughters 

This is a cool little tray that flips out from that spot in the cabinet directly under the sink.  Every sink in my home has this little try and flip out.  In the bathrooms it stores tooth paste floss and toothbrushes.  At the kitchen sink it stores scrubbies.  In the laundry room it stores fast and easy grab to sponges and a small rag for quick clean ups.  They are so handy!

Ok, so not too bad.  It needs a little help but not a lot.  
The reason for this is because, last fall I totally redid this bathroom 
and cleaned out everything.   

It is always good to pull everything out when you are cleaning out a space.  That way you really touch and look at everything that was in that space.  Then wash out the cupboard with warm soapy water.  It is amazing how things get so dusty and grimy.  You want everything to be clean and fresh as you put things away.

WOW!  Look how clean that looks now.  Love It!

Ok, I hate to admit this, but this is my bathroom sink.  It was the messiest when I went to clean them out.  Ok, So I guess I can't harp on the kids for that.  Dad and Mom scored the points for the worst area.  Crap!  Don't ya hate when you do something that your kids can use against you in an argument over cleaning up something?

Yes, I have a department store of feminine products!  I don't EVER want to be without these.  That is truly one of my worst nightmare situations that I do not want to be in.  Besides I have 3 daughters.  There are four women living in this house.  We need to be prepared!  Oh, the things I am sharing.....

Is this a transformation or what?!  These drawers are awesome and fit perfectly to store those feminine things.  Love the clear shoe boxes I found.  My neti pot wasn't even stored here before but its perfect and much easier for me to get at.  It's so pretty I could just look at it all day!  I love clean spaces!

This is the guest bath...Yes, I know more feminine products.  Didn't you understand when I said "worst nightmare"?  This bathroom I use all the storage to store our surplus.  Its awesome!  I love not having it take up space in my regular food storage room.

This is my oldest daughters sink area.  It could us some help.  Are you shocked not to see any feminine products?  Well this bathroom is set up where the sinks are separate from the bathtub and toilet.  
There is a separate cupboard in there for that stuff and some toilet paper.  
Believe me its full!  I want to be prepared!

Perfect!  What do I love most?  Cleaning out got all of her stuff off the bathroom counter. 
 I so love these clear storage shoe boxes.  I found them at Kmart for $2.19.  
Looks like I missed a tag.  Oops..I'll go fix that.

My one and only son's sink.  He share's a bathroom with the oldest daughter, 
and since he has very little in the hair products, he gets to store the towels.

After going through the towels, after all do 2 kids need that many towels in there bathroom?  We found a spot and a dollar store basket to put the few things that he had on the bathroom counter.  Oh! I love having organized clean spaces in my home.  It makes everything seem so much cleaner. 

I hope I have inspired you to clean out under your bathroom sinks.  What great ideas did you come up with to solve some of your messy problems.   Does anyone else share in my nightmare?

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