Monday, April 8, 2013

Linen & The Loo

I heart organizing March monthly challenge was Linens & The Loo. Was I up for the challenge? You bet! So I went to work on our bathroom tower cabinet. This pretty much holds everything that use to be in our linen closet in our other homes. Our current home , which we've lived in for the past 9 years does not have a linen closet. I wanted one but when we built due to floor plan and budget restrictions we didn't have the room. So we did this tall set of cabinets in our master bathroom. It holds everything but the sheets.

This cabinet is quite deep.  It's very hard to see everything and my children are constantly asking where things are.  What do I spy, another shelf sitting on the top shelf.   Do you mean to tell me these past nine years I could of had another shelf to help tame this mess!   

Well lets roll our sleeves up and get to work!  I had no idea all the stuff I would find in this cupboard.  I am kind of embarrassed it has gotten this bad.

Next I started sorting like things into piles.  WOW!  We have a lot of big bandaids and no little ones.  Crazy!  This is what happens when you don't clean out your cabinet in two years.  

Then I made a quick stop to my local Dollar Tree store for some cheap yet functional plastic containers.  OH! How lovely this looks!  I am LOVING THIS!  Why have I put this off?

This lazy susan was already in the cabinet.  It was just holding a lot of old stuff we never used.  Now it holds what we use every day.

Pulled out my trusty label maker and labeled all the bins, so the kiddos and hubby knows what's in there and don't mess it up....hopefully. 


Now my sheet storage......

This cabinet is above my washer in my laundry room.
Let's take a peek inside shall we......

Not too bad...It hasn't been too long since I went through this cabinet.  

There that is PERFECT!

I hope this has inspired you to clean out a cupboard today...Don't forget to wash out the cupboard.  It's so great to have at least one clean spot in my home.

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