Monday, April 22, 2013

Chocolate Vanilla Cream Pie

My mom always made this yummy pudding pie when we were growing up. It is one of my favorites.

Yes, now you know my secret.  I don't EVER make homemade pie crusts.  I can't really say why, other than I just don't like to.  So,  I buy Pillsbury or Marie Calendars.   It works.  They're good and it saves me time.  

So first bake your pie crust. 

Then mix up the chocolate pudding and pour into your pie crust.  Let set.

Then mix up the vanilla pudding and pour carefully over top the chocolate pudding.

Then top with cool whip and grated hershey's bar.  Yummy and way fast!

What I love about this is, I can keep all of these things on hand pretty much all of the time. When I need a fast dessert to take to someone or if I want to treat my family I'm all set.  It is so fast and so easy.


Keeping it Simple

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