Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Allergies Got Ya Down?

We have allergies at this house big time.  There isn't one of us that isn't affected in some way or another.  In fact I have a daughter who has to have weekly allergy shots just to keep things under control.  Here are some of the things that we do that have helped the most besides a shot or the over the counter allergy drugs that we all take. 

This is an Air Purifier we have two in our home.  Those with the worst allergies sleep with these running all night long.  During the day I move them around the house.  Some day we will have more.  It has really helped a lot and I am so amazed and grossed out when I have to change the filters on this because, WOW! does it get dirty and I just can't believe there is that much crud we are breathing in everyday.

Humidifiers are so important with allergies and illnesses of the respiratory system.  Keeping the right humidity can be a challenge.  We live in a very dry climate, and we all have very dry skin at our house.

Some of us use nasal irrigation to help keep things washed out.  It has made a huge difference especially for me because I was always getting sinus infections.  Now hardly ever do I get one.  I know it sounds gross and uncomfortable.  Really it isn't and it feels so sooting.  Give it a try.  My daughter likes the syringe and I like the pot.  We use sea salt and sometimes we like to put a dash of colloidal silver in too.

And this is the picture of my daughters box of Allergy serum that we take to a clinic every week where she receives a shot.  If you have some chronic allergies and are suffering with asthma or eczema or congestion.  This might be a good option for you.  It can be a hassle at times.  My daughter has severe eczema.  This has really been a answer for her and has totally changed her life.

Hope you feel better.

Keeping it Simple